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みなさん お久しぶり! バレンタインデーも終わって、いよいよホワイトデーね!男の人は、みんな3月14日のプレゼントの事を考えてるわ。このことは日本が最初に始めた事だけど、凄い事ね。

Stuffed animal: 縫いぐるみの動物 appriciate:感謝する anonymous:匿名の、名前を伏せた
チャンスがあったら「Super Size Me」って映画を見てみない?東京でもやってるから見てみて。見る価値あるわよ。この映画、若い人がマグドナルドだけを一ヶ月食べ続けると太って病気になっちゃうの。みたら、もうマグドナルドへはもう二度と行きたくない気分になっちゃったわ・・・

Ajet Blondy

portion size:;一人前の量

Hello Everyone

Well now that we have had Valentine's Day I hope that the men are all planning their gifts for March the 14th. I think this is a great custom originating in Japan and I wish we had the same thing here in the US.
Here stuffed animals are popular such as a toy dog or teddy bear holding a heart. In my family we buy my mother roses on Valentine's Day to say that we really appreciate her. Last year I mailed about 30 cards to my sister and she had no idea who sent them until I had to tell her it was me. I signed them as an anonymous Valentine!! Tricky huh!!!

The latest TV craze in America is reality TV. The shows are so popular that they have the greatest number of viewers. Survivor is one of the most popular reality TV shows and it is becoming the most watched show on TV. Two groups of people are put on an island or another remote place and they have to face challenges in order to survive the game to become the very last person left and then they receive a cash reward of a large sum of money. It is very interesting to see how people compete in the game and how they try to become the last survivor.
Real TV
Perhaps reality TV shows tell us more about human nature than we should know but it does tell us that we are very competitive humans. We have the instinct to survive.
最近のTV番組でアメリカを賑わしているものでReal TVというのがあるの。これって今までで最高の視聴率。二つのグループで分かれて、無人島や人里離れたところに置かれて、サバイバル競争なのよ。最後に残った人が大金を手にするのだけど、人が競争するのをみるのとっても面白いわ。
Obesity in the USA
It is true that people in the United States are getting bigger. The portion sizes in restaurants are huge so is it any wonder people are very big. Over 60% of people are now considered to be overweight or obese and that is amazing compared to Japan where people seem to be much smaller. If you have a chance to see the movie Super Size Me it is showing at the Cinema Rise in Tokyo so call (03) 34640051 for the show times but it is worth seeing. It is about a young man who only eats Mc Donald's food for a month and after that month he puts on so much weight as well as getting sick. I saw it and I will never eat Mc Donald's food again.

Well that is all for this week

Keep smiling,
Ajet Blondy

Real TV



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