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■=■=■=■=■〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆■ ★ Ajet World ★ オーストラリアのAjetさんからの心温まるメッセージ! ■=■=■=■=■〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆■ アジェットワールド―2003/10/25号/提供:Ajet Japan ★ Ajet Top page : http://www.ajet-japan.com/ ★ Ajet Top page @Nifty site: http://homepage1.nifty.com/ajetjpn/index.htm ★ AjetWorld http://www.ajet-japan.com/ajetworld.htm ★ 発行部数 Mag2.ID: 7791:3,119部/Pubzine.ID:2050.1617部/Macky 318部 ★        melma m00039394 193部/Biglobe ID:7633 73部  ■〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆〜★〜☆■ ====[ ▼PR ] =========================================================== ■■■クリスの英会話レッスン〜貴方も出来るアメリカ英語■■■ 基本英単語を使った英会話のコツと日本人には使いづらい英会話表現を毎週紹介 http://member.nifty.ne.jp/chrislesson/ ★★ ついに総読者数 23000名突破!今までにない内容と大好評!★★★ http://member.nifty.ne.jp/chrislesson/magmagtoroku.htm ========================================================================  【Magazine October-1 2003 】 本メールマガジンは、下記のホームページからピクチャー入りで楽しくご覧頂けます。 勿論無料です。今月は写真を見ながら楽しんでネ! 下のアドレスをクリック! http://www.ajet-japan.com/AjetWorld-HTML031021.htm バックナンバーもホームページから無料でご覧頂けます Hello Everyone! みんな元気?!フレンドリーな世界は小さな親切から始まるのよ! How long since you told people around you that they are special. It is important to tell people that they are special to you because we have such a short time on this earth and we do not always get to say all the things we want to say. People need to hearthis because we cannot imagine that they do not feel special but sometimes we all feel a little low. It can change someone’s day if you smile or say a kind word. It all begins with a small kindness and ends in a friendlier world. アジェットブロンディーのイメージは??? Ajet Blondy Image- Please Click here....... http://www.ajet-japan.com/Blondy.gif We are looking for a new image for Ajet Blondy as I am sure people are sick of the same photo on the site. What do you think about this picture? If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you as we are racking our brains to find a good picture for Ajet Blondy. If you have an opinion we would love to hear….if you do not have an opinion then that is fine too….but do not leave us racking our brains….cause it hurts! シンクタンクってこの事ね! The think tank!!!!! Please Click here....... http://www.ajet-japan.com/ThinkTank.jpg Hey would this be a great place to work? I think I would love it. In fact, I wonder who thought of doing this. Often we forget how much time we look at a computer screen and we have no idea how time passes by without a break. At least here you would spend time following the fish and maybe you would not look at your screen as much because your ideas would come from staring at the tank…. .....a real think tank!!! スポーツの世界も楽じゃないよネ! Sports! There are many things that we hold close to our heart and for some of us sport is one of those things. So in recognition of this important pastime this mag is devoted to the topic of sport. Most people follow a sport and are avid watches of sport on TV. It is really exciting to watch a game where your favourite player or team is winning and it is depressing when they play badly or lose a match. In some countries, you are treated like a God if you are good at a sport. However, if you retire or you make a mistake you are soon forgotten. What do you think? スポーツ選手が人気を下げちゃうTop5って・・・・ Top five moves to make a sportsperson unpopular with the fans- 1. Accept a bribe 2. Change to another team 3. Not sign autographs for their loyal fans 4. Say bad things about their coach on TV 5. Talk about how good they are *bribe:わいろ *Not sign autographs:サインをしない ラグビーワールドカップ Rugby World Cup This event is a central part of many Australian’s lives. This year the Cup will be held all around Australia at all major venues with the finals to be held in Sydney. Rugby is important to all Australians and if you do not watch the rugby then you will be thought to be very unaustralian as it is unpatriotic to admit that you do not watch it. It has been in the papers that Japan is sending a strong team to compete in the World Cup this year. *unpatriotic:愛国心のない ・・・・・もう、終わってしまったなら、ゴメンナサイね! オーストラリア人が描いている日本のスポーツってなーに??? Impression of Sport in Japan I asked a group of Aussies what they thought was the most popular sports in Japan and here is what they said…… * Aussies:オーストラリア人 Question ? What do you think is the most popular sport in Japan? Skiing Soccer Ping Pong Baseball Golf Kite flying Motor racing Fishing Badminton Squash 以上が、オーストラリア人からみた、日本のスポーツのイメージですって。 それじゃーまたネ!!!コンピュータの前に座り過ぎないでね! Well that is all for this week. Do not forget to take breaks from the computer every two hours or you will really harm your vision in the long-term. Your eyes are important……..they say they are the window to your soul. Take care and make someone smile today, Ajet Blondy *姉妹メールマガジン It's a funny Mag!!Nani Kore?!! もよろしくね! http://www.ajet-japan.com/ajetworld.htm から申し込んでね! ============================================================================ ■■ アジェットのE-メールレッスンはいかがですか? ■■ 外国人の先生とのメールをやりとりで、楽しく英語を勉強しよう! ☆☆アジェットのE-メールレッスン ☆☆只今、受講生受付中!! ■■アジェットでは、格安であなたの英文をチェック・校正しています。 ■■ A4(250単語)1ページ当たり1,000円から1,500円程度です。     ホームページはこちら。 http://www.ajet-japan.com/ ============================================================================



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